There's so much more to a great yard than just mowing the lawn.

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wilting peony

Don’t Get Behind on Watering

It finally happened. The Seattle weather became Arizona weather practically overnight. Yesterday I noticed my lawn developing brown patches and my grape vines leaves were drooping. You gotta love Colorado. My key message for today is to be proactive in watering your landscape during the weather transition. With such bountiful rainfall this summer, it can take […]

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Table Mountain Iceplant

Yard Care Tasks for June

Looks like it’s time to get out in the yard again! After an exceptionally cool and rainy May, it seems like the weather is going to turn nicer as we head into June. Here’s what I’d recommend for this month: Make sure you mow regularly for the next few weeks. There’s often a 3-4 week […]

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Hail Damage in May

Hail No!

My house got pummeled by hail not once, but twice, within the past two days. Sheesh. Talk about incredible to watch and disheartening to deal with. If the same thing happened to you, you might be interested in the post I wrote last year about dealing with hail damage in the landscape. It might be […]

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