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Dealing with Broken Branches

Spring snow is full of moisture. That’s good news for winter-dehydrated landscape plants, but can cause problems for our trees and shrubs. During late spring snow storms, the wet flakes cling to branches, causing them to bow under the weight. Sometimes branches will bend outward from the plant’s center. But if enough heavy snow accumulates, […]

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What? No Fall Frost Yet?

If you ignore Grand Junction and La Junta, most of Colorado normally experiences the first frost of fall sometime in late September or October. And yet, it’s October 27 and there hasn’t been a fall frost. Weird. Colorado is definitely unpredictable. So what does this extended fall mean to our landscape plants? Here’s a short […]

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A mulch ring at the base of a tree

Love Your Tree…with a Mulch Ring

It’s a great time of year to plant a tree. If the tree planting is on your list of things to do this summer, be sure to channel some of your enthusiasm towards caring for your new tree after it’s planted. If you’re planting a tree in a lawn area, it’s really important to install […]

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Hail Damage in May

Hail No!

My house got pummeled by hail not once, but twice, within the past two days. Sheesh. Talk about incredible to watch and disheartening to deal with. If the same thing happened to you, you might be interested in the post I wrote last year about dealing with hail damage in the landscape. It might be […]

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Do and Don’t This Warm Valentine’s Weekend

Wow it’s warm for February! My daughter asked me why we didn’t own a convertible car. I answered, “Because we live in Colorado. It could be freezing next week.” In fact, it looks like President’s Day will be snowy. Talk about erratic weather! With the unusually warm conditions, it can be confusing to know what […]

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