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Aeration core closeup

How to Finger Rake for Spring Cleanup

In the world of fancy tools, it’s weird to recommend using your hand as a rake. However, I find that it’s actually my favorite way to clean up matted groundcovers. I made a short video where I cleaned up orange carpet hummingbird trumpet by finger raking. In this case, a garden tool would have been less useful. […]

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Giant Crocus in Spring

Time for Spring Cleanup!

March is the time to get busy in your yard!  When you can go outside without a jacket for a few days, it’s the perfect signal to dust off the gardening gloves and pruners. Here’s my advice on what to do sooner than later. Prune your shrubs, if needed. It’s important to do any pruning […]

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Yard Care Tasks for April

Now that spring has definitely arrived, what should you be doing to take care of your yard? Here is my advice. Water regularly Beginning to water your landscape regularly should be your top priority. New leaves are starting to grow on many plants, which is a loud signal that your plants need regular moisture. Since […]

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Weeds in Rock Mulch

Yard Care Tasks for March

Now that spring is here, it’s time to get busy. What do you need to do this month? 1. Finish spring cleanup, if you haven’t already. The time for getting ornamental grasses cut back is NOW. Don’t delay. Learn more about this here. 2. If you have areas of rock mulch or decorative rock and […]

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Do and Don’t This Warm Valentine’s Weekend

Wow it’s warm for February! My daughter asked me why we didn’t own a convertible car. I answered, “Because we live in Colorado. It could be freezing next week.” In fact, it looks like President’s Day will be snowy. Talk about erratic weather! With the unusually warm conditions, it can be confusing to know what […]

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