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Deer damage on shrub

Yard Care Tasks for October

October is here! It’s a great time to take care of a few tasks in your yard so your yard will be in great shape come spring. Here are my suggestions. Continue to water It’s important for your plants to go into dormancy well-hydrated. This gives them a better chance to survive Colorado’s dry winters […]

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Boulder County Late Summer

Yard Care Tasks for September

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s a great time to take care of a few yard care tasks. Here are my recommendations for the month of September: Core Aerate Your Lawn if Necessary With three kids, my lawn withstands a ton of traffic over the summer. By late summer, the upper soil […]

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wilting peony

Don’t Get Behind on Watering

It finally happened. The Seattle weather became Arizona weather practically overnight. Yesterday I noticed my lawn developing brown patches and my grape vines leaves were drooping. You gotta love Colorado. My key message for today is to be proactive in watering your landscape during the weather transition. With such bountiful rainfall this summer, it can take […]

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Yellow Patches In Lawn

Why Is Your Lawn Yellow?

With all the rain, we’re seeing some lawn issues that we don’t observe very often. One such problem is yellow areas in normally green lawns. The Extension Turfgrass Specialist with Colorado State University, Dr. Tony Koski, wrote a wonderful article on the topic titled, “Does Your Bluegrass Have the Yellows?” It summarizes all the possible […]

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Table Mountain Iceplant

Yard Care Tasks for June

Looks like it’s time to get out in the yard again! After an exceptionally cool and rainy May, it seems like the weather is going to turn nicer as we head into June. Here’s what I’d recommend for this month: Make sure you mow regularly for the next few weeks. There’s often a 3-4 week […]

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Lilac and basket of gold

Yard Care Tasks for May

May is one of the most enjoyable months in Colorado. The weather is finally warm, the trees have leafed out and plants have started growing. It’s a great time of year to give some TLC to your yard. Here’s what I recommend. Plant Something May is a great month to plant in much of Colorado. […]

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Thick Lawn in Spring

Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer

Now that May is right around the corner, it’s time to think about fertilizing your lawn. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is knowing which fertilizer to choose. It can be overwhelming when you’re standing in the garden center looking at all the bags. It’s tempting to choose the one with the nicest packaging. There’s […]

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Yard Care Tasks for April

Now that spring has definitely arrived, what should you be doing to take care of your yard? Here is my advice. Water regularly Beginning to water your landscape regularly should be your top priority. New leaves are starting to grow on many plants, which is a loud signal that your plants need regular moisture. Since […]

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Weeds in Rock Mulch

Yard Care Tasks for March

Now that spring is here, it’s time to get busy. What do you need to do this month? 1. Finish spring cleanup, if you haven’t already. The time for getting ornamental grasses cut back is NOW. Don’t delay. Learn more about this here. 2. If you have areas of rock mulch or decorative rock and […]

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