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Annual Flower Pot

How to Care for Annual Flower Pots

They’re so seductively beautiful, just hanging out in the garden center waiting for someone to take them home. Their impressive color combinations and gorgeous flowers cause thousands of shoppers to grab them purely on impulse and buy them before they even think the purchase through. But how do you keep that container of annual flowers […]

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Flower Record Crocus

Success with Spring-Flowering Bulbs in Colorado

Looking for more early spring color? Here’s another great bloomer. This is a giant crocus cultivar called ‘Flower Record’ (Crocus vernus ‘Flower Record). I love Flower Record’s deep purple color, which is quite eye-catching in spring. One of the great things the Dutch have given to the world is flower bulbs. They’ve taken naturally occuring […]

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European Pasque Flower

A Great Spring Bloomer- European Pasque Flower

At this time of year, any blooming plant is a welcome sight. One adorable, reliable plant that comes back year after year is the European pasqueflower (Pulsatilla vulgaris). It’s gorgeous fuzzy purple flowers and hardy nature make it a perfect addition to a Colorado landscape. If you’re searching beyond traditional daffodils and tulips for spring […]

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Close up prickly poppy

Weed or Wildflower #2

Back in May, I wrote my first post about determining if a plant was a weed or wildflower. You might have been out in your yard and come across a plant that strikes you as pretty, but you don’t remember planting it. The thought may cross your mind, “Is this a weed or a wildflower?” […]

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Moonshine Yarrow

Marvelous Moonshine Yarrow

There are a lot of fantastic plants out there, but Moonshine yarrow (Achillea x ‘Moonshine’) is one of the best perennial flowers for Colorado Front Range landscapes. Here are several reasons why: Eye-Catching Want colorful flowers in your yard that come back year after year? Moonshine yarrow could be a great choice for you. Beginning […]

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Karl Foerster Cut Too High

Update on Karl Foerster

Back in March I wrote a post about cutting back Karl Foerster feather reed grass. Just like those television shows that follow up with child actors later in life, let’s take a look at how these ornamental grasses are doing today. After all, which actions you take in spring will affect how healthy and attractive […]

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