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Get a Rain Sensor

July is the month for summer vacations. Trips to the mountains, visits with relatives and out of state vacations fill space on our calendars. It’s a good time to take a break from yard work. But what can we do to make sure our landscapes are okay while we’re away? One of the best things […]

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Brown patchy lawn

Is Your Brown Lawn Dead or Dormant?

While northern Colorado was blessed with lots of spring moisture, southern Colorado was not so fortunate. The persistent drought is still affecting southern Colorado lawns. Many lawns in the southern part of the Front Range are turning brown and patchy. Lawn problems are widespread throughout our community. As we enter the warm mid-summer months these […]

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Spirea with dieback

How to Prune a Shrub with Dieback

Due to the dry winter and cold spring we experienced, many shrubs died back more than they normally would. So, how should you prune a shrub with a lot of dieback? Here’s a four-step pruning approach for shrubs with thin stems. This approach will work for shrubs like potentilla, dogwood and any of the small […]

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Mow your lawn often in spring

If your lawn is still in pretty good shape and you’ve fertilized recently, it’s a good idea to mow twice per week for about a month. The more often you mow, the better you grass will look. Plus, frequent mowing will help your lawn be more resilient to drought stress between your watering days. People […]

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Pinyon pine with spring snow

More Snow? Seriously?

It’s May first. The lawns and gardens are covered with snow. Are you wondering what the late spring snow means for our landscape plants? Here are some of the possible effects snows and cold temperatures might have on our trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers: Green grass For those of you who live in the Denver […]

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Spring core aeration Kentucky bluegrass lawn

Drought Tip #2- Great Time to Aerate

What is core aeration? Landscapers use core aeration machines to keep lawn and turfgrass areas thick and vigorous. As they run the machine over an area, the machine’s tines pull cores of grass and soil out of the lawn and deposit them on the soil surface. You can tell an area has been aerated when […]

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Water restrictions go into effect

Today was the big day. For most Front Range cities, it marked the first day of mandatory outdoor watering restrictions. The City of Fort Collins, Denver Water, Colorado Springs Utilities, The City of Aurora and The City of Thornton, among others, have limited outdoor watering this summer to two days per week. Why are we […]

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