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Another Spring Snowstorm?

With several inches of snow and an overnight low in the 20’s predicted today, we’re in for another late spring snowstorm. And just when our lilacs were in full bloom and the trees have just leafed out! Ah…Colorado. It always keeps you guessing.

Our landscape plants can suffer during spring snowstorms for two reasons. First, heavy snow can accumulate on tree and shrub branches, causing them to bend or break. Second, the low temperatures can damage flowers and new leaves.

Here’s a video that covers how to protect your trees during a heavy snow event.

Thumbnail SSTP

Here’s an article that covers how to use frost blankets to protect your plants from freezing. Although it’s not practical to cover everything, you might be able to save your highest priorities. A frost blanket is simply a lightweight material that can trap the heat radiating from the soil. Hopefully, we’ll see some real spring weather next week!

Frost blanket out of the package




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