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Daffodil Deadheading and Lawn Troubles

It’s been a tough spring for many lawns. Last night’s rain will definitely help, but the impacts of the warm, dry spring are appearing.

If your lawn is looking less than stellar, I’ve written a new article to describe your options going forward. It’s entitled, Revive, Renovate or Rethink Your Lawn. I discuss the three possible paths to improve your landscape and when to take action.

Revive or Renovate?

This lawn could probably be revived. The coverage of grass is about 60 percent and is relatively weed free. It could also be renovated for quicker results.

For those of you with daffodils that are starting to fade, I created a new video that shows how to remove the spent flowers without removing the much-needed leaves. The leaves need to photosynthesize for another month to store food for the bulb, but you also need to get the flower stalk off since it starts to turn yellow right after it’s cut.

Hope these two tips are helpful. Have a great weekend!

Daffodil Care After Flowering


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