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Cheatgrass, Also Known as Downy Brome: Pull It!

Here’s a weed that you should really get rid of soon, if you have it. It’s called cheatgrass or downy brome. I’m seeing all over the place in Colorado Springs both in landscapes and natural areas. Here’s a three-minute video to show you what cheatgrass looks like.

Downy brome cheatgrass

Downy brome in rock mulch before it dies and casts its seed

Time is of the essence. With the transition from cool to hot weather, cheatgrass’ days are numbered. It just about to dry out and spread its seed before it dies. If you have the chance to pull it before it spreads, take advantage of the window of opportunity.

Here’s a post that discusses cheatgrass in detail. That’s where you’ll find my recommendations for removing it.

May the force be with you! I’ll be back with the next weed before you know it.


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