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Don’t Forget the Power of the Garden Hoe

I have to admit that I get stuck using the three tools I carry around with me when I garden. Sometimes I forget there are some very effective tools that work wonders in the right situation. One such tool is the simple garden hoe.

How to Weed with a garden hoeEven though it’s one of the most widely used weeding tools throughout the world, mulch often makes this tool not quite as useful in the landscape. Hoeing mulch makes a big mess when the mulch gets mixed into the soil.

However, if you’ve got an area of bare soil or light mulch where a carpet of weeds has sprouted, the garden hoe can save you hours of hand weeding. I’ve noticed areas where hundreds of weeds have germinated due to the consistent rainfall. The hoe can slice right through these little plants while disturbing the soil only minimally.

Personally, I like to use a hoe with a large wide blade rather than the typical small garden hoe. It’s so much quicker because it requires fewer strokes to cover the same area of soil.

I made a new video to show you how I like to use my garden hoe to tackle carpets of weeds. I’m experimenting with using my phone to record so I can get content out more quickly. Please excuse this video’s imperfections. I hope it’s helpful to you even though it’s far from perfect.


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