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Love Your Tree…with a Mulch Ring

It’s a great time of year to plant a tree. If the tree planting is on your list of things to do this summer, be sure to channel some of your enthusiasm towards caring for your new tree after it’s planted.

If you’re planting a tree in a lawn area, it’s really important to install a mulch ring around it. A mulch ring helps the tree establish a new root system quicker. Once the roots start growing, you’ll notice the tree’s branches will start growing much more rapidly as well. This is great news for folks who can’t wait for their tree to start growing. In addition, a mulch ring will also help protect the bark of the tree over the long term.

If you have a younger tree that was transplanted a while ago and doesn’t have a mulch ring, you can still put one around it now. I often find this is the case when the homeowner bought a newly constructed house and by default inherited landscaping installed by the home builder.

In many new developments, I usually see a young tree planted in the front lawn of each house. Some have mulch rings, but many do not. If yours doesn’t, putting a mulch ring around your tree is a great Saturday morning project and definitely worthwhile.

What if you are planting a tree, but it’s not going into a lawn? If it’s being planted in an area that already has mulch, like a planting bed, there’s no need to add a separate ring. But if you’re planting in a naturalized area where there’s the possibility that grass or other vegetation will grow up to the trunk, a mulch ring–maybe even without the edging– is a good idea.

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