There's so much more to a great yard than just mowing the lawn.

Yard Care Tasks for May

May is one of the most enjoyable months in Colorado. The weather is finally warm, the trees have leafed out and plants have started growing. It’s a great time of year to give some TLC to your yard. Here’s what I recommend.

Plant Something

May is a great month to plant in much of Colorado. The chance that we’ll have a late spring frost is not that likely, and the weather isn’t so hot that new plants will fry in the heat.

Lilac and basket of goldSo, what types of plants can you plant in May? You can plant most landscape plants like trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennial flowers and groundcovers any time in May.

In the vegetable garden, it’s best to plant cool season vegetable transplants like cabbage, broccoli and leafy greens early in the month. On the other hand, cold sensitive vegetables and herbs, like tomatoes, peppers and basil are best planted after May 15th unless you have a way to protect them from frost. Nonetheless, May is a very forgiving month for planting.

What’s the best way to plant? If you’re not sure, you might want to read my article on the “Nine Steps to Successful Planting.”

Fertilize Your Lawn

May 1 to June 15 is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn. My last post covered this topic in detail, so check it out if you haven’t yet fertilized.

Do a Sprinkler System Checkup

As you begin to water regularly with your sprinkler system, it’s important to check to make sure everything is working properly. This is the best way to prevent brown spots in your lawn.

To help you tackle this project, I’ve posted an article that lists the most common problems you should be looking for. It also lists how you can approach fixing it.

So enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. It’s a great month to be outside!



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