There's so much more to a great yard than just mowing the lawn.

Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer

Now that May is right around the corner, it’s time to think about fertilizing your lawn. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is knowing which fertilizer to choose. It can be overwhelming when you’re standing in the garden center looking at all the bags. It’s tempting to choose the one with the nicest packaging.

There’s a better way to choose a fertilizer. I’ve updated my post on which fertilizer you should choose to make sure all the recommendations are accurate and timely. So, before you get to the register, make sure you’ve got the right stuff. The right fertilizer will insure your lawn is healthy and green this summer.

Keep in mind there’s more to it than just fertilizer.

Fertilizer is only one of the four critical practices you need for a great lawn this summer. If you’re just starting out, check out my article on “Easy Steps to a Great Lawn.” The other three practices are core aerating, watering, and mowing. By implementing these practices, your lawn will be one of the best in the neighborhood.


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