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Marvelous Moonshine Yarrow

There are a lot of fantastic plants out there, but Moonshine yarrow (Achillea x ‘Moonshine’) is one of the best perennial flowers for Colorado Front Range landscapes. Here are several reasons why:


Moonshine Yarrow

Moonshine yarrow (Achillea x ‘Moonshine’) in early July.

Want colorful flowers in your yard that come back year after year? Moonshine yarrow could be a great choice for you. Beginning in June, clusters of bright yellow flowers open above fern-like grey-green leaves. From dawn to dusk, these flowers are a dazzling highlight in the landscape.

Long –Blooming

While some perennial flowers bloom for a week or two, Moonshine yarrow’s blooms last for at least a month. Its flowers last well into July. I especially appreciate its blossoms because they appear just as the early summer plants finish blooming in June. Plus, if you trim off the spent flower heads, they will produce a small flush of secondary blooms later on.

Drought Tolerant

If you’re looking to enhance your yard with low water plants, Moonshine yarrow can fit right in. In my back yard, it flowers and survives with being watered only a few times per year. It will grow larger and rebloom better if you water it more often, but it is extremely drought tolerant. Did I mention the deer don’t like it either?

Nice Shape

Plants that have a mounding shape are such pleasing additions in the landscape. No matter where you plant them, they look good. Since moonshine yarrow grows to be about 24 inches tall and wide, it’s a nice size to plant in front of shrubs or in the middle or front of flower beds.

Doesn’t Spread

If you’re wary about planting yarrow because you’re afraid it might become invasive, don’t worry about this one. Moonshine yarrow doesn’t spread by seed. Other yarrows can be very weedy, but this particular cultivar is as tame as can be.

In my own yard, I planted several plants from tiny 2.5 inch pots. I chose small pots to save a few dollars. By the end of the summer, they had grown into full size plants. They’ve never outgrown their spaces after they reached their full size. That’s pretty ideal.

If you’ve got some space in your yard for a knock-out perennial flower, tuck in some Moonshine yarrow. It has all the attributes we’d hope for in a reliable, drought tolerant perennial. I promise, you’ll enjoy the results!


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