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Snow crocus are blooming

If you are like most Coloradoans, the first flowers of the year are the ultimate sign that winter is finally ending. There is hope that warmth and green will return!

Snow crocus 'Cream Beauty' blooming March 8, 2103 in Colorado Springs

Snow crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ blooming March 8, 2103 in Colorado Springs

Snow crocus are the perfect omen of spring. These teeny tiny flowers would go completely unnoticed if they bloomed in the middle of summer. But since they usually appear the first week of March, the moment their little blooms open a wave of excitement rolls through the air. The nice thing is, they’re resilient to March snowstorms.

I’ve had good success with getting snow crocus to come back year after year, whereas some of the other types of crocus seem to fade away after a few years.

In the photo, you’ll see Cream Beauty Snow Crocus (Crocus chrysanthus ‘Cream Beauty’) blooming today. I planted these in the fall of 2011. They’ve performed great for two years under tough weather conditions. I ordered them from van Bourgondien’s.

Plant the bulbs in the fall. SIte them in the very front of an area where you walk in March. Along the entry to your front door is a perfect place. Keep in mind they’re about two inches tall, so put them in a location where they will be noticed.

One other tip: buy a bunch. Plan to buy at least 50, but 100 to 200 (or more) is better. It sounds indulgent, but you need a big number to make the group noticeable. Individually, they’re just too small to make an impact.

Mark your calendar in September to research, buy and plant some of these little beauties. Come next March, you’ll be so grateful.

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