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Welcome back snow

Feb 2013 snowIt’s been such a long time since we’ve had a wet, heavy spring snow. If you get a chance before it melts, break out that dusty snow shovel and move it from the hard surfaces of your property onto your garden beds, lawn and landscape.  It won’t do any good for your patio, deck, sidewalks and driveway, but it will be a huge help to the planted areas of your yard. It may seem like a lot of work, but it may save your landscape plants from winterkill. And it’s a good way to get some exercise!

This snow actually contained a lot of water. One friend who melted it down said at his location, it contained 0.3 inches of moisture. That’s much more that we’ve recently received, but if you can double the amount of water going into the soil by shoveling excess snow onto your lawn, that’s enough water to meet the needs of most landscape plants for the month. That means you don’t have to winter water for a few weeks. Take advantage of the free moisture and save money on your water bill.

Our plants really needed some moisture. With half of the normal amount of rain last summer (only 8 inches in Colorado Springs), many trees and lawns have been under serious stress. This snow will help a lot, but the plants need regular moisture in the soil as they begin to form their first flush of roots in March. Keep doing your snow dances.

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